Monday, May 19, 2014

Ayesha and Anupi .

My friends and myself were all at a fab party on Saturday night. In a room full of people, 2 of my close friends stood out, they are always flawlessly dressed and very stylish. Each have originality and a strong sense of personal style.

Ayesha was wearing a BCBG dress and when asked about her personal style she said “ I love simple lines with one stand out detail, be it in the clothes, shoes, bag or an accessory”
Anupi in a Renzo and Kai embroidered dress said, “ she leans towards the simple, elegant and eclectic never looking at labels and buys what catches her eye. “

I love the effortless ease in how they throw things together.
I wore an All Saints dress from a few seasons ago.

These are my picks in the style of Ayesha.
1. Nell dress is on sale 16400 INR
2. Tibi dress 550 USD
3. Nicholas dress 245 USD
4. Bec and Bridge black dress 264 USD
5. BCBG Joselyn dress 368 USD
6. Milly double strap dress 340 USD
7. Bailey dress 125 USD
8. Line and dot dress 126 USD 

An embroidered dress in the style of Anupi , these are my picks .
 9. Parker Nina dress 23219 INR
10. Laura sequin dress 29000 INR
11. Bridget beaded cami dress 15950 INR
12. Dionna tribal embroidered dress 7300 INR
13. Finn dress 16400 INR
14. Hayden dress 23219 INR

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a said...

love 10 and 12, div you have the perfect style