Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Green with Envy

Image via here 

If I didn't get this necklace on sale I would be devastated.
Its way over the top, however I know I would wear it every chance I got.
This is how. The draped top is demure yet with a hint of sexy. To balance this are the scalloped shorts.
On an easier note a simply shaped dress with the details in the fabric.
Fringe is big and can be found everywhere, more on fringed buys coming up.

1. Draped white top 115 GBP
2. White scalloped shorts 20 GBP
3. Spotted dress 30 GBP 
4. Desert warrior necklace 921 USD
5. Kinsey pouch 75 GBP
6. Ray ban sunglasses 135 GBP
7. Fringed flats 125 USD

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