Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blue Hues.

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I have been helping a friend who is renovating his room with the furniture, upholstery and yet to come room décor, most of which I have found on line.
It’s been really fun! Inspired by this process, I decided to write this home decor post today.
The Internet has an amazing wealth and variety of home décor and accessories - all available at your fingertips. All of these selections ship to India within days!
If I had to redo my room I would do it the hue of blue's. Summery fresh with a Mykonos vibe.

1. Suzani embroidered pillow 35 USD.
2. Zig zag pillow 16 USD.
3. Printed pillow 16 USD.
4. Cabana pillow 20 USD.
5. Tile print pillow 20 USD.
6. Scented candle in a jar 26 USD.
7. Jersey duvet cover 228 USD.

I have combined 2 sets of curtains to make for a more interesting mix.
8. Embroidered medina curtains.
9. Safia embroidered curtains.
10. Hook rack 98 USD.
11. Jewellery case here.
12. Artenica garland globe light 344 USD.

13. Cowhide rug here.
14. Starburst mirror 12600 INR.
15. Silver etched lamps here.

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