Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top most.

Frill top here 55 GBP

I regret not buying the top above, and it's gone.
The downside of writing this blog and showing people what amazing finds are available online, is that I am very tempted to shop. Exhibiting self control is lighter on the wallet although heavier on the heart - things i love, vanish before my eyes.
A round up of stylised white tops and the the gold accessories to wear with them . I am wearing mine with a touch of black as shown.

1. Top with appliqué 35 GBP
2. Blouse with fold collar 36 GBP
3. White shirt 19 GBP here
4. Cape styled top here 35 GBP
5. Gold bag buy it here 159 USD
6. Glitter sandals 40 GBP

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