Thursday, November 27, 2014

Blu Girl.

Who doesn't love denim?
The new denim's are wafer fine and made from tencel, which makes them lighter, easier to wear and the fabric has a soft sheen - perfect for evenings.
These are either in my wardrobe or in my wish list .
I intend to add this look to my more conventional evening ensembles . The sparkle of a sequin top and the super comfortable Superga trainers!

60 GBP Boiler suit here  

1. Patch work skirt 18 GBP.
2. Tencel shirt 35 GBP.
3. Ripped jeans 35 GBP.
4. Sequin top 35 GBP.
5. Superga sneakers 49 GBP.
6. Slip dress 12 GBP.
7. Embroidered clutch 20 GBP.

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