Monday, November 3, 2014

Roma : La dolce vita .

The eternal city and my personal favourite ! They say you are either a 'Firenze' person or a 'Roma' one - me, I am definitely the latter.
The local fashion scene is vibrant and I get my stacks of knit wear every time I visit.
A few of my reccomendations.
Where to eat and stay , what they wear and where to shop.

STAY : Daphne Trevi or Veneto or in and around De Campo Dei Fiori, pictured above .

EAT : Ditirambo, Al bric or En Osteria. Ginger is perfect for lunch around Piazza Spagna.

WEAR : Anything from Niki -Nika at Via Borgognona, 4.

DRIVE : Any of these tiny cars.

SHOP : Near the Vatican there is Via Ottaviano ,Via del Governo Vecchio, behind the Pantheon and  around the Campo dei Fiori along Via del Guibbionari.

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