Monday, July 13, 2015


Images like this inspire me to dress this beautifully - war paint, head dress et al.

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When Chanel does something - everyone sit's up and takes notice.
Chanel, whose M├ętiers d'Art show staged recently in Dallas showed models in feathered headdresses and clothes. The feathers sticking out of the models’ hair were imprinted with Chanel’s double Cs and their makeup emulated Native American war paint. 


After numerous complaints about the “cowboys and Indians” theme on fashion blogs and magazines, Chanel issued a sort off apology. “The company is sorry,  people “misinterpreted” the show and were offended by the appropriation, they only meant to celebrate craftsmanship.”

Coachella the famous music festival which has become the hub of all things and people fashionable, also kicked off kicked off with the usual beats, lots of fringy flower and feathered things.

Sarah Jessica Parker showed up at this year's Met Ball in the same - Chinese inspired.

I have discovered major high street brands are following and selling this trend. These are my picks. Would you wear one? I would .... do send in your comments.

1. Peach feather head piece 26 GBP.
2. Floral hair crown 60 GBP.
3. Gem head band 10 GBP.
4. Straw hat buy this here.
5. African inspired head piece 24 GBP.
6. Sequin head band 6 GBP.

Buy this here 8 GBP.

Buy this here 42 GBP.

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