On almost every occasion I get compliments and questions about what I am wearing.
The question "where is this from?" never fails to be asked.
People were always shocked by my answers, they can't believe what I am wearing is high street; they assume its high-end designer stuff. My friends have asked me often to be their personal shopper, even offering to pay for my vacation in exchange for shopping services while travelling!
This is when I decided to launch this site.
We live in the golden age of shopping; there is a wealth of fashion and home accessories on the net. New, must have pieces appearing every day that are not always found in stores, especially in India. Most of these chic picks are are not only easily paired with high-end designer pieces but also mistaken for the same. A huge array is available at unbelievable prices. 
So what's stopping everyone from mining this gold? My guess is time and with so many choices, confusion and lack of confidence. Will I make the right choice?
Styled BUY Divya is here to help you make the most of this treasure trove. As your trusted web fashion curator, we scour the Internet's best sites every day to find the newest, most fabulous, hot selling items. In addition we will show you what is available directly from the designers, so you have an inside track to place your orders. Our goal is to find at least a few fabulous items every week, which are too tempting not to own.
As for me, I am a fashion designer on a creative leave. My brand is called Tambourine, which is found in chic boutiques  in Ibiza,  the South of France and even online in NYC. I am from Bombay having lived in New York and London.
My fashionista friends on various continents have always admired my knack for mixing Zara and Givenchy, Top shop and YSL. 
Thanks to their ideas and years of inexpensive chic fashion victories, I decided to launch this site on my creative leave from designing, to keep my senses tingling!



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